Visa Card

Credit :

Credit is known in English language as (credit); It is a contract between a person through which he obtains an amount of money from one of the financers, whether it is a bank or a financial institution. Also, the term credit is used to refer to the relationship between individuals' financial assets and the value of their liabilities, which appear in the income financial report.

Visa Card:

Visa card is a plastic and electronic card that is linked with bank accounts, and helps to use the money available in the account in exchange for deducting a small amount of money in exchange for this banking service; Therefore, the Visa card is an indispensable thing in banks, which is used in many purchase and selling transactions. The use of these cards dates back to the beginning of the twentieth century, specifically in 1920; It was used for the first time in the United States of America; In order to facilitate a bulk of financial operations, and then it spread widely, as banks sought to issue a set of special designs for this card, which later became an essential part of the banking and financial process.