Banking Mobile

Mobile Banking Service "O-Cash":

The mobile banking application from Omdurman National Bank in its new version is a safe and simple application that allows you to carry out your banking transactions directly from your phone anytime and anywhere. This makes transacting with the bank easier and more comfortable as the application is a mobile branch in your hands. All you need to use the Omdurman mobile application is a mobile with an Internet service and visit the nearest branch of Omdurman National Bank.

Advantages of Mobile Banking Service of Omdurman National Bank:

  • You can conduct all your banking transactions from anywhere.
  • Enable you to pay bills and fees.
  • Availability of service 24 hours a day.

Services available via-Mobile Banking (ONB):

  • Balance inquiry.
  • Account mini statement.
  • Check book request.
  • Communicate with the customer service department via the application mail.
  • Enable you to pay bills and fees.
  • Transferring funds between accounts of the same customer.
  • Transferring funds between different accounts within the bank.
  • Enable to pay bills.
  • Payment of customs duties.
  • Pay university fees

How to activate the mobile banking application:

  • Fill out the Omdurman Mobile Banking Service Application at any branch
  • Download the program from Google Play (app name: ONB) or via- the Direct Link
  • You will receive three SMS messages containing the passwords for SMS service, the mobile banking application service
  • The first message is for the code of SMS.
  • The second message is for the activation password for the mobile banking application "O-Cash".
  • The third message concerns the money transfer code within the mobile banking application "O-Cash".
  • The account number is entered in the field of user name
  • which is the account number preceded by zero in the case it is 6 numbers, and by two zeros in the case it is 5 numbers. Example (0xxxxxx) or (00XXXXX).
  • Enter the password sent from the bank (4 capital letters and 4 numbers).
  • The password is entered as it came from the bank.
  • The screen will display 3-digit spaces:
  • In the first one, you must enter the password sent from the bank.
  • In the second one, A new password is entered this password should consist of four letters, a symbol, and four numbers and it must not be less than 8 characters. Example (Aaaa @1234).
  • In the third one, the new password is re-written again.
  • Click Change Password.
  • To download the manual for the application of ONB, click here. For any help don’t hesitate to call us on 5656 or (+249) 912179999