Omdurman National Bank

Is a public shareholders company and the most important and main pillar of the national economy in the field of banking, investment and external trade through a network of correspondents that spread all over the world. The bank foundation phase started in January 1993 and resumed its activities in August 1993 by providing all types of banking and investment services that comply with the principles and norms of Shari’ah law.

Visa Card

Visa card is a plastic and electronic card that is linked with bank accounts, and helps to use the money available in the account in exchange for deducting a small amount of money in exchange for this banking service; Therefore, the Visa card is an indispensable thing in banks, which is used in many purchase and selling transactions

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The banki- net service of Omdurman National Bank is an electronic online banking service that makes your financial transactions accessible, and gives you the ability to manage your accounts at Omdurman National Bank with ease and safety. Also, the service allows you to do and conduct many banking transactions according to multiple options, without leaving your office or home.

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This service enables the bank customers to pay the customs fees from any bank branch through using the custom reference number . the required amount will be revealed by the customs department and after the payment directly the ceriticate will appear as paid up in the customs system and then the customer will clear his/her goods in accordance with the bank payment receipt without going to the customs premises.

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Exchange Rate

The Exchange Rates of the foreign Currency in Sudanese Pound (SDG)

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Mobile Banking Service O-Cash:

The mobile banking application from Omdurman National Bank in its new version is a safe and simple application that allows you to carry out your banking transactions directly from your phone anytime and anywhere. This makes transacting with the bank easier and more comfortable as the application is a mobile branch in your hands. All you need to use the Omdurman mobile application is a mobile with an Internet service and visit the nearest branch of Omdurman National Bank.

  • You can conduct all your banking transactions from anywhere.
  • enable you to pay bills and fees.
  • Availability of service 24 hours a day.
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